Most Useful Homeopathy Remedies

Homeopathic medicines are easy to take, loved by kids and they take them without fussing over them and they hardly have any side-reactions. If you are someone who prefers homeopathic medicines over the conventional ones here is a quick list of some homeopathic medicines that should be in your medicine box at home. Remember to […]

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Seasonal Based Homeopathic Diseases And Medicines

The shift in the climate also calls in for common for illness. Whether the climate is moving from summers to the rains or the winters to spring/summers our body gets susceptible to common acute illness such as fever, throat infection, cold, headache body pain, and cough. Rains may cause infections of the stomach such as […]

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Homeopathic Medicine
Common Homeopathic Medicines For All Seasons

Medicines in Homeopathy are not disease specific and they vary from person to person depending on each ones symptoms. The same medicine may be used by the Homeopath for different illness depending on the psychological and physical characteristics of an individual. Both acute and chronic illnesses have been seen treated successfully by Homeopathy. However, it […]

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How effective is Homeopathy for Diabetes?

Homeopathy helps in bringing an end to adverse health conditions by identifying the main cause of the problem and then curing the disease by stopping it right from the root. This is why homeopathy is popular as a form of medicine that does not create more health problems, instead it effectively cures the health condition […]

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Expert Doctors For Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy is gradually expanding its reach and there are many who now who prefer to take homeopathic medicines instead of the conventional ones. Homeopathy has proven to cure several complicated pathologies through its holistic approach. Unlike the conventional medical doctors there are very few homeopath doctors thus it gets difficult to find a good doctor. […]

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Homeopathy Treatment
Guide to Homeopathy Treatment and Remedy Selection

Homeopathy treats every patient differently. There is a personalized way of treatment that it has for every individual based on the symptoms. These symptoms are not only physical but emotional as well. Homeopathy can be used by an individual if you have a keen sense of observation. One could take care of small illness or […]

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Homeopath doctors
What Your Doctors Won’t Tell You About Homeopathy

Homeopath and Allopath are totally different streams of learning medicine. The Allopath doctors have undergone their training in an entirely different way compared to the Homeopath doctors. They have different ways of diagnosing and treating their patients and the Homeopath doctors have their ways. However, it is usually seen that the power of Homeopath is […]

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Homeopathic therapy
What are the three levels of Homeopathic therapy?

Homeopathy is the system wherein the body is able to heal itself. This natural form of medication is becoming highly popular across the globe due to a myriad of reasons. Homeopathy is the natural treatment of several diseases including both chronic as well as acute diseases. A homeopathic remedy is completely natural and pure which […]

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