Can Cold Weather Cause Joint Pain? How Homeopathy Helps Arthritis?

arthritis treatment in homeopathy

Arthritis is a painful condition and those suffering with it are in pain throughout the year. However, it tends to get worse during the cold temperatures. The cold and damp climate increases the pain in the joints.

There have been several researches conducted whether a change in the climate can affect people with arthritis. One of the theories is that our body preserves heat and sends more blood to the organs in the center of the body, in the cold season. So, the blood vessels of legs, shoulders, knee joints, arms contract. These areas receive less blood flow making them stiff and cold. This automatically causes pain and discomfort.

Another theory is that a change in the barometric pressure causes inflammatory response in the joints when the climate is damp and cold. When the barometric pressure is high it pushes the body externally and doesn’t let the tissues expand. However, when this barometric pressure goes down in winters the tissues expand and put pressure on the nerves which regulate the pain signals.

How Does Homeopathy Help Arthritis?

Homeopathy can be really helpful when it comes to arthritis. It offers a long-term relief to those who have been suffering with this condition for several years. Homeopathy has a unique way of handling diseases and different conditions. It doesn’t just look into the disease the person is suffering with but it looks into the reason why the person is suffering from that specific disease. It cures diseases from its roots. This is why homeopathic cure is more effective, permanent or long-lasting. A person suffering with arthritis is also diagnosed in a similar way. Every individual may be diagnosed differently with different symptoms and would be prescribed different medicines. Here are some medicines which are quite effective in treating arthritis.

RutaGraveolens – This medicine is also known as rue and is best for conditions that develop in the area of an old injury. The symptoms are triggered by touch or motion especially in the morning or from exposure to cold climate. Rue is also given to people who develop nodules on the covering of the bone and the tendons.

Kalmia – This homeopathic medicine is prescribed to people for who the arthritis pain suddenly begins. This pain is very sharp and almost paralyzing. The pain tends to move downwards and will come and go. They will also experience weakness, numbness and tremble while they get the pain. Cold weather and movement increases the pain. Hot bathing will give them relief.

Caulophyllum – Those who have been affected with arthritis in hands or feet – the small joints are given this medicine. They will feel acute pain when they close their hands. Women will respond better to this medicine compared to the men.

RhusToxicodendron – This homeopathic medicine is known as poison ivy. It is meant for people who suffer with arthritic pain when they initially move – it is known as ‘rusty gate’. Once they begin to move the pain will disappear. Pain in such type of arthritis will aggravate in cold weather and at night.

There are many other medicines besides the ones above that are given for arthritis. However, it is best when an experienced homeopath doctor is consulted for homeopathy treatment for arthritis.