Seasonal Based Homeopathic Diseases And Medicines

The shift in the climate also calls in for common for illness. Whether the climate is moving from summers to the rains or the winters to spring/summers our body gets susceptible to common acute illness such as fever, throat infection, cold, headache body pain, and cough. Rains may cause infections of the stomach such as […]

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Homeopathic Medicine
Common Homeopathic Medicines For All Seasons

Medicines in Homeopathy are not disease specific and they vary from person to person depending on each ones symptoms. The same medicine may be used by the Homeopath for different illness depending on the psychological and physical characteristics of an individual. Both acute and chronic illnesses have been seen treated successfully by Homeopathy. However, it […]

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homeopathic medicines
Number of homeopathic medicines available worldwide

Although Homeopathy goes back to 400 BC its ways were disputed by Samuel Hahnemann who is now credited with creation of Homeopathy in 1796. His doctrine says that what makes a human being sick also has the ability to cure the sickness. His books are still used by many homeopath practitioners today. Total Number of […]

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