Diet Plan And Precautions For Kidney Stones

list of foods to avoid kidney stones

What is a Kidney Stone?

Solid deposits of salt and minerals formed within the kidneys are known as kidney stone. Kidney stone is known as ‘nephrolithiasis’ in medical term. While some stones stay in the kidney others may travel through the urinary tract. Smaller sized stones pass through the urine and cause pain and uneasiness. Bigger stones need to be removed through surgery.

A person suffering from kidney stones need to follow a certain diet plan because the deposits that are formed are taken by the body through the food we eat.

Diet Plan and Precautions for Kidney Stones

There are more restrictions in a diet plan of an individual suffering with kidney stones compared to what they can eat. Sticking to a more natural diet and healthy diet with lots of fluids added to your daily routine will help you with your kidney stones.

  1. Consume Fruits and Vegetables Rich in Water Content

You should consume fruits and vegetables with high water content because the urine will then be less acidic. Try to avoid vegetables that are high in oxalate like sesame, rhubarb, peanuts, sweet potatoes, spinach, wheat bran etc. Instead opt for cucumbers or squash which are good for your health if you have kidney stones.

  1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Concentrated urine is what causes kidney stones. Thus it is important that individuals suffering with kidney stones consume atleast 10 glasses of water daily. Fluids are good but it is important that you take the right type of fluids. Lemon juice, barley water and coconut water are all superb fluids and will keep you hydrated.

Lemonade is high in citrate. Someone suffering from chronic kidney stones should increase the consumption of lemonade. Citrate prevents calcium from binding with components which form stones. It also helps in preventing the stones which are already present in the kidney to stick with each other thus preventing the formation of bigger stones.

If you are consuming beverages that are high in sugar then the fluid is no good. Fructose corn syrup in the drinks are bad as the fructose increases the oxalates, calcium and uric acid in the urine.

  1. Avoid Purine Rich Foods

You also need to go low on purine rich diet such as shellfish, red meat and organ meat. Purine increases the acidic level of urine which leads to stone formation.

  1. Go Low on Sodium

Foods like canned meat/fish/chicken, cold cuts, caviar, anchovies, smoked fish/meat/chicken, bacon, ham etc. are all high in sodium and should be avoided. Anything too salty is not good if you are having kidney stones.

  1. Calcium Should be Consumed From Right Foods

Calcium is risky but you do need it to keep your body healthy. You cannot cut out calcium completely from your diet. Milk products are a good way to intake calcium. You should consume products like yogurt and cheese. When calcium and oxalate rich foods are taken together, oxalate binds itself with the calcium before it reaches the kidney.

  1. Avoid Animal Protein

Animal protein should be taken on a very low level. Processed meat and red meat are unhealthy when a person is suffering with kidney stones. Protein from lean meat like fish or chicken can be consumed twice or thrice a week.Protein should be taken from foods like tofu, beans, walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, soy milk and cashews.

  1. Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Someone with kidney stones should avoid alcohol consumption. The uric acid levels will increase in your urine.

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