What Your Doctors Won’t Tell You About Homeopathy

Homeopath doctors

Homeopath and Allopath are totally different streams of learning medicine. The Allopath doctors have undergone their training in an entirely different way compared to the Homeopath doctors. They have different ways of diagnosing and treating their patients and the Homeopath doctors have their ways. However, it is usually seen that the power of Homeopath is underestimated and people are unaware of the miracles of Homeopathic medicines.

What the Doctors Would Not Mention About Homeopathy

  • Homeopathy is good for certain types of diseases. Psoriasis, allergies, colitis, urticarial, asthma, migraine, ulcers etc. are all treated quite effectively in Homeopathy but your doctors would not say this.
  • Homeopathy works wonders for long term diseases. They usually say this because they are not aware of the healing properties of Homeopath or are already in the notion of not supporting Homeopath since they belong to a different line of medicine.
  • Many doctors prefer to take Homeopathic medicines for them and their family members. This is usually in case of children as they look forward to alternative to giving their kids conventional medicines. However, they don’t mention this to their patients.


Some of the comments that Allopath doctors usually make on Homeopath are:

Homeopathic medicine act slow and they don’t work

What you don’t know is when everything fails and nothing seems to work for patients they seek refuge in Homeopathic medicines as their last aid. This is why it takes long for the medicines to take action. Along with this Homeopathic medicines have a holistic approach. It will cure you of your disease and also prevent it from coming back. They consider the symptoms of both past and future. While treating life-threatening diseases Homeopathic medicines have acted faster than the traditional medicines.

Homeopathy is not recognised by various organizations and government

More than 150 developed countries across the globe including UK, India, USA, Australia, Germany etc. have well-known homeopathic medical colleges. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of United States along with more such agencies in other countries all approve of homeopathic medicines. Even the famous World Health Organization (WHO) have approved of Homeopathy and has been accepted as an alternate system of medicine.

Misconceptions and the being bias could keep the patients from getting cured by Homeopathy. In Homeopath they may be able to get what the conventional treatments did not do for them. It is unwise for the doctors to deprive their patients from its benefits.