Guide to Homeopathy Treatment and Remedy Selection

Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy treats every patient differently. There is a personalized way of treatment that it has for every individual based on the symptoms. These symptoms are not only physical but emotional as well. Homeopathy can be used by an individual if you have a keen sense of observation. One could take care of small illness or injuries without having to visit a doctor.

However, remember don’t try to overdo things and chronic conditions or a medical condition does need the supervision of a trained homeopathic doctor.

Here are some simple guidelines that will help in effective treatment using Homeopathy

Examine and monitor the symptoms and take note of anything abnormal or changes in mood. Connect them to behavioural pattern or any environmental factors and note them down.

The symptoms noted down need to be compared to the descriptions of the remedies for that particular illness. Pick one that comes closest to all the symptoms that you have noticed.

Medicines in homeopathy are specified by their potency strength and there are different powers that they come in – powers are 6c, 12c and 30c and their strengths are mild and gentle making them good for home use. 30c potency is good for acute conditions.

Once the medicine is selected then you need to give 3-5 pellets in one dose and then wait and perceive or observe. If you find no improvement in the condition then a second dose should be given after a few hours.

Don’t give up on the medicine in just a single attempt. You need to try with 3 doses to check if the medicine is working else you would have to pick a different medicine or just visit a homeopath. It will take you two to three attempts to get the best medicine for the symptoms detected, if you are new to homeopathic medicines. However ensure you visit a professional Homeopath practitioner if you cannot find the right medicine to your symptoms.

At what interval should the remedy or medicine be taken?

There are two conditions in homeopath:

  • First is an acute condition where the illness lasts for short time but the symptoms are quite strong and begins quickly.
  • Second is when someone has chronic disease and is continuous. It stays for quite long and could come back again.

For individuals suffering from acute conditions 30c potency homeopathic medicine is best taken care at home. For instance if an individual is suffering from muscle pain happened while playing games or performing some form of gymnastics or aerobics then Arnica 200c would be helpful. Patients suffering with flu, cold, injuries or fever should be given medicine in every 3 to 4 hours. The frequency should be reduced as the symptoms get better. If required the remedies should be changed frequently as the symptoms also change as they recover.

Your knowledge of medicine will improve with experience however, don’t try and handle extreme cases or situations that are getting out of hand and the patient isn’t recovering at all – visit a professional Homeopath.