Homeopathy Medicines For Depression

Homeopathic Remedies for Depression

Depression is a medical illness which has an adverse effect on the moods of a person. A person tends to have negative feelings and will lose interest in activities which the individual once liked. Depression makes one feel sad and makes a person a pessimist. Their attitude towards life changes which influences them physically and emotionally. However, depression can be treated and there is nothing better than homeopathy. Depression is a condition mainly caused because of lifestyle factors, some sad events in the life, medical treatments, medical treatments, psychiatric conditions and even non-psychiatric illnesses. Depression responds wonderfully to homeopathic medicines and here are some of them:

  1. Ignatia Amara –

A person who has been suffering of depression lately should be treated with Ignatia Amara. If the patient tends to show symptoms of weeping, extreme sadness and wish to be left alone with no desires of meeting anyone then Ignatia Amara would work wonders for them. These people will get offended very soon and will have several mood fluctuations. They always tend to grief-struck.

  1. Mercurius solubilis hahnemanni –

This medicine is used for people who have extreme mood swings and can get irritated very soon over small things. They become introverts and lurch around in their grief. They don’t mix with society and their feelings are so sad and deep that they have suicidal tendencies. They will flounder in their speech because they tend to be in a hurry. People like this will also show signs of being nervous yet brash. They don’t like something in the same style and they like to change things frequently. At times they think so deeply that they are almost lost in their thoughts and may forget to perform important chores such as eat or sleep. For women the feelings could get worse. They also suspect others and build a fear within that something bad may happen to them.

  1. Natrum Muriaticum –

People suffering with depression after they lose someone or see an end of a very close relationship will need to be treated with Natrum Muriaticum. Such people are fond of holding grudges over a small thing that may have happened several years back. They deny to move ahead in their lives as they think there isn’t any possible solution to the situation. Such individuals keep their emotions within and don’t talk about it to others. They don’t open up easily and will hold on to their secrets. They don’t reveal their pain and sadness to the others and don’t disclose their emotions too. They are tolerant and will not cry in front of others. They will love people who are out of their reach as they have a fear that they would be rejected. Those with this type of depression will also show symptoms of back pain, insomnia and will always feel tired after being exposed in the sun. They also have a craving for salt.

  1. Aurum Metallicum-

This homeopathy medicine works best for people who feel they are completely helpless. This is an extremely deep depression. Such people will work tremendously hard to achieve their goals which are impractical or non-attainable. They will usually be people who work too much in office and will spend most of their time there. If the business or love life suffers their depression deepens. They over-work themselves yet they always feel that they haven’t given their 100% for their family or work. They get angry very soon and for them suicide is the only thing which could help them come out of their present condition.

Depression is not something to be ignored, a good homeopath should be approached for better treatment for Depression in Homeopathy.