Myths and Facts of Hair Fall in Winter

Myths and Facts of Hair Fall In Winter

Hair fall is a natural process in which the old hair shafts falls making way for new hair to grow. However, in winters the hair fall seems to be way too much compared to the other months of the year. With our skin our scalp getting dry, flaky and itchy, this also becomes an obvious reason for us to lose hair. An unhealthy scalp will never have enough hair and hair fall or hair breakage becomes a common sight during this season. You may have several people advising you on what might the reason of hair fall be and what could be done to prevent it. Let us run you through some of the myths and facts on winter hair fall.

Myth: Wearing a Hat to Keep Your Scalp Warm Could Cause Hair Loss

Fact: People love to wear hats in the winters to keep their scalp warm. Hats could infact be beneficial to your hair and scalp. A hat protects your head from the harsh environment. People who wear hats regularly have suffered baldness or excessive hair fall which has given rise to this myth. It is the unclean and dirty hats that will cause problem for you. Dirty hats will give you infection on your scalp which will definitely trigger hair loss. It can also not be denied that wearing hats for a long time can cause strain or friction on the hair follicles which make them weak thereby causing them to fall. Make sure the inner material of the hat you are using is lined with a soft and comfortable fabric.

Myth: Hair is Drier in the Winter

Fact: It is true that the air in the winters is dry. Lack of humidity and moisture in the air affects our skin and scalp. Dry scalp is drained of its natural oils which in turn make your hair brittle. A change in shampoo is usually recommended. You need to keep your scalp healthy in order to survive the hair fall in the winters. A doctor would best recommend the precautions you need to take in winters. Consult expert homeopathic doctors for homeopathic medicines for Hair Loss during winter.

Myth: Using Hair Products Help to Control Hair Fall

Fact: Typical hair products will contain alcohol and chemicals which will take away moisture from your hair. Using natural products is what is recommended. Using hair blowers and flat irons break the keratin in hair strands which leads to thinning and shedding of hair. Blow drying your hair in winter will steal the natural moisture and oils from your hair and make it hard, dry and brittle. Heat tools should be avoided and used intermittently when required. Homeopathic Solutions for Hair Loss acts a s best remedy to prevent hair loss during this season.

Winters do rob our hair from moisture and natural oils or vitamins that it has. However, there are many home remedies which are available on the internet that should be followed to prevent hair loss. But if you suffer extensively with hair fall then consult expert homeopathic doctors for homeopathic medicine for hair fall and regrowth.